Extensive services for your loved ones

NMH provides psychiatric rehabilitation services to clients from ages 5 and up who are struggling with persistent mental illness and/or complications resulting from managing one’s activities of daily living, concerning their mental health.

Our rehab specialists and community support workers provide the education, support, skills, and teaching of specific techniques that will enable clients to manage the behaviors and unsafe actions which can cause isolation from the community. The goal for clients is to attain recovery and obtain the opportunity to become reintegrated back into the community safely.

Adults (Age 18 & above)

  • Self-care training
  • Budgeting and money management
  • Social skills training
  • Independent and community living skills
  • Management of illness skills training

Youth (age 5-17)

  • Community social activities and
  • age-appropriate social skill development.
  • Academic work assistance and school advocacy, relationship building, peer support, and more

PRP services are provided at NMH’s office, virtually, or offsite in the privacy of the client’s home or in the community.

PRP Community Program Frequency
Adults can receive 6 or more visits per month Youth can receive at least 3 visits per month.