Covid-19 and Anxiety


With the height of the pandemic, the feeling of fear and uncertainty is everywhere. Today, people are battling various emotional and mental health issues due to the constant worry of getting sick, losing a job, social isolation, and restricted activities.

Anxiety disorder is one of the prevalent mental health conditions the pandemic has brought. It is the heavy and regular feeling of fear, nervousness, and worry. But not all anxiety is bad. The occasional anxiety from dangerous and life-threatening situations is a helpful trigger for the body to urgently eliminate the danger or find safety, commonly known as the “fight-or-flight.” Yet, anxiety becomes detrimental when a person already experiences the following:

  • Constant Panic and Fear
  • Sleep Deprivation
  • Concentration Difficulty
  • Breathing Problems
  • Heart Palpitations

In combatting anxiety, medication and treatments are now within reach. Psychotherapy or talk therapy is a leading treatment for anxiety. Service provider around Behavioral Health in College Park, Maryland, is an excellent place to start with. Once the anxiety disorder reaches a severe route resulting in dangerous acts, Psychiatric in Maryland, which focuses on diagnosing and treating mental illness, is where one can ask for a consultation.

For other concerns, Nimel Mental Health LLC is a trusted behavioral and mental health provider for mental wellness and recovery.

Let’s take care and pour kindness to ourselves in this challenging time. Choose the best Psychiatric in Westminster, Maryland.

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