Substance Abuse and the Pandemic

Substance Abuse and the Pandemic

Stress and anxiety are factors that contribute to the likelihood of substance abuse in any age group, including among young adults. Ordinarily, this problem is already difficult enough to solve due to the complex issues each individual has to overcome. Just ask any psychiatric in Maryland, and they’ll confirm that this is true.

The world is experiencing a pandemic that only occurs once every one hundred or so years. Because of this, many people are finding it challenging to keep up with stress and anxiety and may resort to substance abuse as a way to cope with them. Common substances that are easily accessible include alcohol, tobacco, vape, and some easily sourced narcotics and opioids.

Substance abuse can cause complications that weaken the immune and respiratory systems. According to the latest research, people who use substances compromise their immune systems. They can also disrupt the homeostasis of the lungs. Admittedly, quitting these vices will need more than just a strong will, and might even require some form of psychotherapy.

If you are having difficulties in fighting off stress and anxiety during these difficult times, or if you know someone who needs help, we at Nimel Mental Health LLC can provide valuable support. We are a leading provider of behavioral health in College Park, Maryland, specializing in mental health issues. Contact us to know more!

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