The Effects of Stress on Your Mental Health


We all experience stress. This is often a product of the problems that we face in life. Stress is a normal response to adverse situations and stimuli. Stress can even be useful as it prompts you to address these problems that you may have.

However, as practitioners of psychotherapy in Maryland, we know that too much stress will negatively affect your mental well-being. Let’s discuss how your stress levels can potentially harm your overall mental health.

For one, too much stress will make you feel restless and anxious all the time. It is hard to relax and be comfortable when you always feel this way. This only makes it harder to control the stress you are feeling. Furthermore, anxiety can pave the way for more serious mental health conditions.

In connection to this, you may also experience sleeping problems when you do not control your stress well. When these sleeping problems occur, your physical health also deteriorates, which can cause more mental strain.

Of course, you will find ways to cope with this stress. In some cases, people resort to substance abuse to relieve this stress. Substance abuse is never healthy, and it can lead to addiction and substance dependence. In these cases, our services that are psychiatric in Westminster, Maryland can help address this condition.

With that, you should always make sure to control your stress properly. If you need help in maintaining good mental health, you can come to us here at Nimel Mental Health LLC. We focus on behavioral health in College Park, Maryland. We are dedicated to helping you achieve optimal mental wellness. Call us today for your inquiries!

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