When Anger Comes After the Trauma


Following a traumatic event, many people get angry. Anger gives us the energy to keep going in the face of adversity, which helps us cope with life’s difficulties. At the same time, rage can cause issues. That’s when you need anger management to deal with these issues.

  • The Problem of Anger After Trauma
    People with PTSD may get “stuck” in their response to extreme threats, causing them to respond to any stress in survival mode. You may react to any stress with “full activation,” acting as if your life is in danger. Our psychiatric in Maryland can help you deal with this.
  • Tension and Arousal
    If you have PTSD, you may frequently feel agitated or on edge. You are easily provoked. This high level of arousal and tension may encourage you to find situations in which you must remain alert and fight. You also may be tempted to use drugs or alcohol to feel relief. Our PTSD treatment in College Park, Maryland, can help you with this issue.
  • Aggressive Behavior
    People with PTSD use aggressive responses to threats. Many trauma survivors, especially those who experienced trauma at a young age, never learn any other manner of dealing with a threat. Some examples of aggressive behaviors are complaining, “backstabbing,” self-blame, or even self-injury. You may need therapeutic counseling.
  • Change in Thoughts and Beliefs
    Everyone has ideas or beliefs that help them understand their environment. A person suffering from PTSD may believe that danger is all around them, even if this is not the case. They may be unaware of their thoughts and opinions.

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