The Effects of Emotional Abuse


Most people do not know that you may be a victim of abuse since emotional abuse is so subtle and does not leave visible bruises or signs. You might not even be aware of it. Many victims of emotional abuse are unaware that it is happening to them.

This can also result in PTSD; you might not realize it soon but get treatment as soon as you do. Our PTSD Treatment in College Park, Maryland, can help you with this.

  • It is very harmful
    Many people feel that physical abuse is more destructive than emotional abuse, but this is not the case. The effects of emotional abuse might be subtle, yet they are profound and long-lasting. Mental abuse can be more harmful than physical abuse since most victims are unaware and therefore do not leave or seek treatment. Behavioral Health Care is a must.
  • Short-term Effects
    The short-term effects of emotional abuse may be brief or even so minor that they appear insignificant. Self-shaming, hopelessness, fear, and confusion are some short-term effects. You may also have physical symptoms like a fast heartbeat, nightmares, and random pain. Our behavioral health in Westminster, Maryland, can assist you with this.
  • Long-term Effects
    If you stay in an abusive relationship without seeking treatment, the effects of emotional abuse will worsen. It will begin to have an impact on your self-esteem and relationships with others and may even lead to depression. Some other effects are anxiety attacks, distance toward loved ones, self-blame, and chronic aches and pain.

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