Activate Your Happy Chemicals: Calm the Anxious Mind


Anxiety is the body’s natural response to fear and stress, and it presents itself in many different ways. Some individuals cannot contain the fear and nervousness caused by anxiety. With this, you will experience an anxiety attack.

An overly anxious mind is a person’s biggest nemesis. Anything can happen because of anxiety and fear. As a provider of behavioral health in College Park, Maryland, we encourage our patients to learn how to activate their happy hormones.

The body can be powerful as well as the mind. That is why the following are essential for an individual when anxiousness is about to fill them. In psychotherapy, to activate these hormones, one must:

Dopamine, the feel-good hormone.

  • eat your favorite food
  • get enough sleep
  • listen to your favorite music

Serotonin is the mood stabilizer.

  • do some yoga or exercise
  • spend time in nature or do gardening
  • meditate

Oxytocin is for the love hormone.

  • play with your pet
  • catch up with some friends
  • give sincere compliments

Endorphins are responsible for relieving pain.

  • indulge in chocolates
  • watch your favorite comedy show
  • go on a mini drinking session with friends
  • use essential oils to relieve your stress and pain

Nimel Mental Health LLC offers services of care in psychiatric in Maryland. We find it necessary to understand that mental wellness is fundamental in every stage of our life. Some people struggle too much because of the mental health issues that they refuse to recognize. That is why we strive to deliver quality service to the community in terms of mental health care.

Learn more about and the services we offer here on our website. Should you have urgent concerns, contact us.

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