Different Kinds of Anxiety Disorders


Some of us suffer from anxiety disorders that disrupt our daily lives. Anxiety is defined as the feeling of uneasiness, fear, and panic. It may cause us to sweat, feel uneasy and tense, as well as makes our heart beat rapidly. It may be a normal reaction to stressful situations. For instance, we may be anxious when we encounter difficult issues at work, before taking an examination, or before making a big and important decision in life. It may aid us in dealing with these circumstances. The anxiety may provide us with an energy boost or aid us to focus. But for those of us diagnosed with anxiety disorders by healthcare professionals like those providing psychiatric in Maryland, the fear we feel is not temporary and may become overwhelming. They are the kind of disorders wherein we experience anxiety that doesn’t disappear and can worsen as time goes by. The symptoms can affect everyday activities like work performance, relationships, schoolwork, etc. Read on to know the various kinds of anxiety disorders.

  • Panic disorder
    If we experience panic attacks, we will be diagnosed with panic disorder. These refer to the periods of extreme fear that is suddenly and repeatedly felt when there’s no danger at hand. These kinds of attacks happen quickly and may last many minutes or longer. Psychotherapy is among the treatments used for this anxiety disorder.
  • Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)
    When we are diagnosed with GAD by healthcare professionals like those offering behavioral health in Westminster, Maryland, we worry about normal problems like money, health, family, and work. But our worries are exaggerated, and we experience them almost daily for a minimum of six months.
  • Phobias
    If ever we have phobias, we experience a severe fear of something that shows little or no danger. We may experience fear of strangers, spiders, flying, being in crowded areas, or being in social circumstances that are diagnosed as social anxiety. Among the therapies utilized to aid us in overcoming this type of anxiety disorder is therapeutic counseling.

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