Knowing the Risk Factors for Drug Addiction


Drug addiction is a menace to society that needs to be defeated. It’s dangerous and harmful to our brains and body. There are times when the effects are permanent. It can harm us, as well as our families, children, unborn children, and friends. It’s considered a chronic brain illness by healthcare professionals, such as those providing behavioral health in Westminster, Maryland. However, not everybody who takes drugs becomes an addict. Our brains and bodies are built distinctly, so how we react to drugs can also be distinct. Some of us can become addicted quickly, while others develop it over time. Some of us don’t get addicted at all. Whether or not we get addicted lies on several factors, such as the following:

  • Our biology
    We can have different reactions to drugs. Some of us may like how it feels the first time we take a drug and consequently want more. Others may hate the feeling and never take it again.
  • Problems at home
    If our home is a sad place or was as we were growing up, we may have a bigger chance of having a drug issue. This is one of the common causes of drug addiction or substance abuse identified by healthcare professionals offering psychiatric in Maryland.
  • Mental health issues
    If ever we have untreated mental health problems, like anxiety, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), or depression, the tendency that we may become a drug addict is high. This can occur since drug use and mental health issues affect the same areas of our brains. Those of us experiencing these issues may utilize drugs in order to try to improve our feeling. One of the ways this can be treated is through therapeutic counseling.
  • Using drugs at a young age
    Mental health consultants warn that if kids take drugs, it will affect their bodies and brain growth. These enhance their tendency of becoming drug addicts when they become adults.

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