Mood Disorders: Causes and Symptoms

Mood Disorders: Causes and Symptoms

Mood disorders are disorders affecting one’s emotional state. They are mental health problems that make people experience extreme happiness and/or extreme sadness for longer periods than normal. They impact how a person deals with daily tasks and routines like at work, school, or home. Two of the most common mood disorders are depression and bipolar disorder.

There are a lot of factors that cause mood disorders which are usually genetic and environmental circumstances. These circumstances includes major life changes like the loss of a loved one or one’s job, extreme stress, or trauma. It can also be due to an illness, a side effect of a medication, or one’s brain structure and function. Mood disorders can also be caused by a person’s family history.

Symptoms of mood disorders vary depending on what type. Signs of depression include feeling sad almost every day, lack of enthusiasm and interest, eating too much or loss of appetite resulting in weight loss or weight gain, unhealthy sleeping habits, being unable to concentrate and make decisions, and having frequent negative thoughts. Signs of bipolar disorder include insomnia, rapid movement or speech, extremely energetic, easily irritable, agitated, restless, and frustrated, always on the edge and paranoid, and unusually taking too many risks.

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