How to Reduce Your COVID-19 Anxiety

How to Reduce Your COVID-19 Anxiety

During this pandemic, there are two things that we need to take care of simultaneously. First is, of course, to protect ourselves from the virus, and second, to protect our mental health. It can’t be helped that we get more anxious. If your fear, anxiety, and worry is overwhelming you, it is best to seek Psychotherapy right away.

Here are some ways to reduce your anxiety during a pandemic:

Focus on being productive and find new ways of enjoying life. This is the perfect opportunity for you to try something new may it be organizing a messy room, cleaning your garage, do new hobbies, etc. Focus your attention on your newfound hobbies and not on the virus.

Do not watch or read too much COVID-19 news. Reading too much COVID-19 news can only feed our anxiety. Distance yourself from the media because sometimes we can’t control our thoughts and we tend to think of the worst scenarios. The more anxious you feel, the more you should stay away from the media.

Involve yourself in stress reduction activities. Exercising and relaxing your mind through meditation are some activities that can help lower your stress.

Seek out professional help. You don’t have to go all through this alone. If you are experiencing an escalation of anxiety, don’t be afraid to ask help from professionals or those who practice Psychiatric in Westminster, Maryland.

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